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Why Translating Your Website in Hindi Makes Better Sense

Why Translating Your Website in Hindi Makes Better Sense Did you know that in 2002, an estimated 32% of Internet users were non-English speakers? With the phenomenal growth of computer usage and the spread of the net fever, especially in the third world countries, the figure would have multiplied manifold in the past 4 years. In fact, the Internet is fast becoming the basic and fundamental source and dissemination of information, purchases of goods and services worldwide. In addition, those computer and Internet users are increasingly from […]

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Learn Hindi Language Online

Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world following the Chinese. Geographically, people who speak Hindi are scattered all over the world including in the United States. There are many reasons why it’s gaining popularity. These events show some evidences. 1. Edison schools get funds to add Hindi classes The township school district has received a federal grant that will help introduce a Hindi language course in the curriculum in September 2008. The first-year grant is $197,500 for 2007-08 to develop the curriculum. Additional grant […]

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Learn Indian Basics Through Hindi

A country’s official language is very important for its growth and development. First and foremost this is the medium a large percentage of its constituents as they engage in all sorts of activities throughout the nation. It is also the very thing that distinctly takes the said country apart from its neighbors across the globe. As such it is considered an important treasure that gives every member of that nation pride and glory. Let’s take a look and learn at how the Indian language of Hindi came […]

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